Sunday, May 23, 2010

Great days in the fellowship!

Church rocks!!! It was so wonderful to be with my christian family today. We had Andy Avery sing for us at the church this evening and Leah was in heaven. She danced until she tipped over and fell asleep.

Caleb said the sweetest thing today in the car on the way home from church. He wanted to know why the sky was getting dark. I told him the the sun went to bed. Then he asked, "is the sun in heaven with God and Jesus in the ky!" I told him that Jesus is in my heart and that someday He would be in his heart. He replied, "za! When I get bigger I get Jesus in my heart a whole much too!"

I pray that these words are a sign of his future. I want him to love Jesus and someday give Him his heart.

How did I get so lucky! My son is the best!

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Back at it!

Well, it has been quite a long time since my last post! Sorry! I guess I better catch you up on all the latest. Mothers day was a blast. It is so cool to be a mom. I think it's great that, because God blessed me with two amazingly wonderful kids, I qualify for an additional gift giving day. That rocks! I get beautiful children and presents! I got a digital camera from my fabulous mother and father-in-law. My husband finally gave me the Ipod that I was suposed to get for my birthday. I am so excited to actually have it in my hands! It is a brilliant piece of technology! I hope it will help me to post more often.

Caleb said the funniest thing on Friday. I always go home for lunch so that I can feed my 8 month old little girl. Caleb (3 yrs) love to have me home and hates it when I leave. He always says, "Mommy, no go a werk! Chay heew!" Naturally it is very hard to leave such a darling
little guy. Well, I have taken to telling him to find his cell phone and call my principal and tell him that I shouldn't go back to work. It has been effectve in passifying him. Friday however, was a different story! As I headed toward the door to go back to work, I heard Caleb cry out, "Wait a minint! Mommy, dust a sekind! I get my cew pone an caw Dam Mader! I tell him dat you no gotta go a werk!" When I returned to work I did warn my principal of my sons impending "cell phone" call. He cracked up!