Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Digging Out From the Snowpocolyps!

We were hit with the one two punch of ice and snow! I have a 3 to 4 foot drift on my back porch! it took my father-in-law 45 minutes to blade the driveway with his tractor!! It normally take less than 15 minutes! That's a lot of snow! The good thing is that we got 2 snow days and counting! My husband just received word that he has a snow day, too! This is the best day ever!

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Snow Day Feast!

Here are a few more of my polymer clay creations. Enjoy this feast for the eyes!

This is one of a series called "Strut" that showcases the rich jewel-tones of the fashion forward Peacock Feather. Keep your eye on the runways, peacocks are all the rage! Could you "Strut" your stuff in this one of a kind statement piece?

Natural yet modern... This necklace is a one-of-a-kind wonder of color and style. It respectfully nods to the organic form of coral yet commands attention with a modern twist.
One of a series called "Serengeti Skies" with luminous blues and earthen browns, this piece creates the illusion of light. It's structure creates the perfect framing effect of the face.

Titled "Revere", this two tiered necklace with its illusion of stained glass and versatile blend of color begs to be envied.

A wonderful blend of reds lends itself to many options in your wardrobe.

Sorry gang, this piece is already spoken for. But I thought you might enjoy the vibrancy it had to offer. Titled "Spicy", it screams for attention.

Something to Warm You Up!

Please enjoy these pieces from my newest color study. My inspiration came form my own longing for cool spring days with fresh breezes, and how God blends together the colors of spring. The greens of spring are unique to the season of rebirth and I feel a sense of impatient anticipation at the thought of springs gentle breezes mingled with delicate sun kisses and baby fresh greens. Looking out the window jars me back to reality, but it is still nice to look forward to the blessings beyond the 4 inches (and counting) of snow and ice. Have fun perusing and if you see something you like, contact me....