Saturday, July 2, 2011

A Great Clay Day!

It seems that any time girls get together around clay they have a ball! Our last clay day was heaven come to earth! Everyone seemed to enjoy themselves tremendously and created wonderful works of art. I would like to take a moment to say thank you to all of my students, both past, present and future, for your dedication to this medium and to exploration. You are all so fabulous! I encourage you to keep experimenting and make sure you all bring your work to class so that you can dazzle us with your talent and growth. The next class will be late in August. Dates will be finalized soon. Stay tuned....

I wanted to share some fantastic news! Kyla Hernandez, an O'Town Ploymer Clay Artisan (and my personal hero), is now a published artist! She had some of her work published in Adventures in Bookbinding by Jeannine Stein author of Rebound. The book is available through Boarders, Barnes and Noble, and Amazon. If you click on the preview of the book you can see one of hers on page 6. It is the green cover with the pink cherry blossoms. The full write up is on page 83. This is a BIG deal and we should all congratulate her for this wonderful recognition! Check out her Blog at

I also want to throw out an idea for my next advanced class.... I thought that we might do a swap of some sort. I would like us all to create 16-24 beads in a color theme at home using all of your creative genius and then bring them to class for a swap. We will all have beads that we can share that are in a color family. They will create an eclectic blend of genius that we can combine with our advanced project. You will use our previous lessons and any other skills that you have learned, create 16-24 beads that are your one of a kind works of art, bring them to the class and share 2 with each of you class mates. So start thinking about your design now. Think Blues and Greens.... Try to incorporate skinner blends, cane work, and interesting bead shapes, and try to make you beads between 1/2 inch and 1 inch in diameter.

I cant wait to see what you have created! Good luck and God Bless!