Wednesday, April 21, 2010

You should see the other guy!

The other day i came home for lunch and found that my son had fallen off of a bed that he was jumping on and bumped his eyebrow. It was such a shocking bruise that i immediately cried out, "Caleb, what happened to your eye!" he replied casually, "Me not hurt'n Mommy. I Otay" Relieved to know that he was fine i reflected on my own shock at seeing his injury. "My husband will freak!" I thought. Then i had a brilliant idea. My son has become a regular little Mina bird. He copies every thing he hears. I taught him to say, "You should see the other guy!"

As expected, my husband and i laughed hysterically when my son replied to my husbands inquiries about his shiner with , "You can seed da udder dy!"

As the day wore on however, the other guy started to look a little better. When i placed him in bed that evening he had a "bangdade" on his forehead covering a goose egg, on his right elbow, on his left knee and one his right cheek. Two of those "bangdades" were probably not necessary but he thought they were so i conceded. Who would say no to a face like this.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Spring Pictures!!

We spent some quality time last month getting pictures taken. Now i know that i am their mother and i am supposed to think that my kids are the best but really...My kids are!!! There were two families ahead of us at the studio and the poor photographer was just short of standing on her head trying to get the kids to smile. All they did was look at her suspiciously. Then my kids... literally all she had to do was lift her eyebrows and both of my beautiful children lit up the room with smiles. This is the result. Enjoy!